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Sockets and plug connectors

In this category you will find a variety of electrical sockets and plug connections. Take a look at our suggestions for sockets schuko. Schuko is the common name for a set of AC power plugs and sockets which connect electric equipment to the alternating current (AC) mains electricity power supply in buildings and at other sites.

The word "Schuko" is an abbreviation of the German term "Schutzkontakt" - literally: "protective contact" , which indicates that the plug and socket are equipped with protective earthing plates. Due to the fact that a Schuko plug can be inserted in both ways in the socket, the Shuko standard is non-polarized, i.e. the phase and zero of the supply network are connected in any way to the electrical load. Schuko plugs are generally used in circuits with 220–230 V, 50–60 Hz and for currents up to 16 A.


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