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Switches & Sockets

Why do switches and outlets play such a significant role?

When examining the interior space and appearance of a given room, every detail plays an important role. For instance, lamps provide illumination, furniture determines the atmosphere and arrangement, while appliances offer functionality. Equally essential for the overall impression are switches and outlets. They need to harmonize with the other elements of the interior, creating a pleasant and coordinated visual impact within the room. The ranges of switches and outlets from Lightshop.bg have been developed to meet this need. Each range possesses unique characteristics, colors, and designs that can cater to different preferences for quality and style.

A diverse range of switches and outlets

What are the main options from the Lightshop.bg catalog?

The ranges of switches and outlets from Lightshop.bg are divided into several categories, which assist customers in finding the most suitable products for their space. Some of these ranges feature simple designs, while others bring a sense of luxury and sophistication. Let's explore a few of them.

1. Niloe - This range offers functional and stylish design that easily blends with various interiors. Mechanisms are available in two colors, cream and white, yet customers have the option to choose from a wide spectrum of colors for decorative frames. The Niloe series of switches and outlets are compatible with standard wall boxes available in the market.

Diverse applications of switches and outlets

2. Rita Series - If you are seeking style and ambiance, the Rita series from Lightshop.bg provides a variety of colors and functional solutions for homes and offices. Mechanisms and frames are available in diverse shades, allowing for personalization according to your taste. The variety of combinations with frames in shades like oak, gold, stainless steel, cream, walnut, titanium, dark gray, black, cherry, white, walnut, makes the Rita series suitable for any setting and style.

Switches and Outlets - Suitable for Every Setting and Style

3. Valena Life - The Valena Life series stands out with its clean design, offering a variety of colors. The switches and outlets from this series are compatible with various wall boxes, ensuring easy installation and a stylish appearance.

Thus, in the Lightshop.bg assortment, you will find different series of switches and outlets that can satisfy various styles and quality requirements.

Switches and Outlets - Main Palettes

4. Bronze Series - This series offers mechanisms for switches and outlets in shades of cream, white, and walnut. Various options are included, such as single and double switches, single and double outlets, and switches for stair lighting. Products from the Bronze series are known for their easy installation.

5. Ospel KARO Series offers a simple and clean design in rich colors. Various options are included, such as dimmers, single, double, and triple switches, single and double outlets, switches for stair lighting, telephone sockets, TV socket outlets with covers, and more. Mechanisms and frames are combined in various colors.

Switches and Outlets - Quality Assurance

7. Waterproof Switches and Outlets - The Lightshop.bg product range offers high-quality and reliable switches and outlets for interior use. Those for surface mounting are suitable for spaces where wall boxes are not feasible. For those who prefer minimal repairs and concealed cables, there are options available - special frames for cable channel installation. Additionally, there are variants for exterior spaces - waterproof switches and outlets with a guarantee of flawless operation even in wet conditions. Lightshop.bg offers quality and reliability in its products, suitable for every home.

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