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Spot Lights

Spot Lighting

Spot lighting is becoming an increasingly popular choice among many people who want to enhance their homes with quality illumination.

Combining style with functionality, spotlights not only radiate elegance but also provide light in every corner of the room.

If you value quality lighting combined with aesthetic appeal, spot lighting is the perfect choice for you.

In the online store of Lightshop.bg, you will find a variety of spot lighting that will cater to your preferences and create a wonderful atmosphere in your home.

Details about Spotlights

Spot lighting, also known as directed lighting, is defined as a light source that can be directed in a specific direction.

With its focused lighting, spotlights highlight specific objects, items, or work areas, while the main lighting provides general illumination in the room.

This type of lighting uses light sources with a narrower angle of light emission compared to standard light fixtures.

Application of Spot Lighting

Spot lighting is an important part of home lighting, whether used on its own or in combination with other types of light fixtures.

Spotlights find the most suitable application in the kitchen, dining area, and living room.

Their adjustable properties make them exceptionally suitable for accent lighting, directing attention to specific objects or areas.

Spotlights are ideal for dining, family gatherings, and illuminating new furniture or artwork.

Variety of Spot Lighting

There are several types of spot lighting, including accent lighting, recessed lighting (also known as "downlights"), and track lighting.

Accent lighting is the most common type of spot lighting, emphasizing special objects such as paintings, sculptures, or architectural details.

These types of spotlights are often adjustable, allowing changes in the direction of the light flow.

Recessed lighting, also known as "downlights," is installed in the ceiling, directing its light downward.

These fixtures provide cozy illumination and blend harmoniously with the interior.

Numerous Applications of Spot Lighting

So, if you are in search of quality and functional lighting, explore the variety of spotlights in our online store.

Lightshop.bg Lighting - Stylish Spotlights

When aiming to create a clean and contemporary ceiling appearance with minimal disruptions, spot lighting from Lightshop.bg is an excellent choice. This is especially applicable in situations where the ceiling is too low to accommodate traditional light fixtures such as chandeliers or pendants.

Some of the fixtures in our range are equipped with an adjustable head, and most of them provide uniform illumination, striking a balance between accent and distributed lighting.

Properly distributed around the room, spotlights offer consistent lighting.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms are the primary areas where these fixtures are most commonly used.

Track lighting offers exceptional versatility. It involves mounting a track on the ceiling onto which spotlights are attached. These spotlights can be directed in various directions.

With a variety of track types and spotlights, this style of lighting has a modern effect.

Track lighting is suitable in cases where other types of lighting like ceiling fixtures cannot be integrated due to specific conditions (for example, concrete ceilings without suspended ceilings).

However, it's important to note that for low ceilings, track lighting might not be the best solution.

Track spots are a frequent choice for living rooms, galleries, and modern kitchens.

The Importance of Lighting Choice

There are numerous reasons why spot lighting from Lightshop.bg is an excellent choice for your home. Firstly, if you have limited space and a low ceiling, these spotlights provide the ideal solution.

Beyond functional aspects, spotlights add aesthetics and style to the interior, enhancing the look of your home.

Tips for Choosing Spot Lighting

Before making a final decision on spot lighting, we have some useful tips for you.

Consider the needs of the room where you'll place the spot lighting. For instance, if you're seeking lighting for the kitchen, take into account stronger sources of light to adequately illuminate the workspace.

If you plan for spotlights to serve as the main lighting, select models with good light distribution, such as our SOMA or LOW product. This will provide proper room illumination.

Rely on established brands in the industry to ensure the quality of the product.

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 6305 Spot SOMA 5xE14 Rabalux

63.99 лв.86.00 лв.

 Philips Spotlight PAISLEY GU10 max 5.5W white

55.59 лв.

Wattage - 5.5 W / Base - 1 х GU10 / Voltage - 220 V–240 V / Material - metal / Dimensions - Height: 9.2 cm Length: 13.4 cm Width: 10.2 cm
 Wall lamp ADRIANA 1xE14 white + light wood 129x155mm Lightex

26.66 лв.

Wattage - 1 x 7 w / Base - 1 x Е14 / Dimensions - 129 x 155 mm / Colour - white, light wood / Warranty - 1 year
 Wall lamp SILVIA 1xE14 gray 120x80x150mm Lightex

18.49 лв.

Wattage - 1 x 7 W / Base - 1 x E14 / Dimensions - 120 x 80x 150 mm / Colour - grey / Warranty - 1 year
Downlight for surface mount 1*GU10 max.7W LED square black 96x96x125 Lightex

8.99 лв.26.10 лв.

Material - aluminium / Power - *7W LED / Mains supply - 220V / Base - GU10 / Dimensions - 96mm x 96mm x 125mm
Downlight for surface mount 1*GU10 max.7W LED square white 96x96x125 Lightex

15.60 лв.26.10 лв.

Material - / Power - / Mains supply - / Base - / Dimensions -
Philips Spot KOSIPO 3xGU10 max 5.5W/4000K black

112.00 лв.

Wattage - 5.5 W / Base - GU10 / Material - metal / Dimensions - Height: 9.2 cm Length: 44.3 cm Width: 11.8 cm / Colour - black
Philips Spotlight KOSIPO GU10 max 5.5W/4000K black

52.99 лв.

Base - GU10 / Voltage - 220-240 V / Colour - black /
Philips Spotlight PAISLEY 2xGU10 max 2x5.5W white

88.59 лв.

Wattage - 5.5 W / Base - 2 х GU10 / Material - Metal / Dimensions - • Height: 9.2 cm • Length: 24 cm • Width: 11.8 cm / Colour - White
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