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Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting Solutions

When it comes to outdoor spaces, we love utilizing solar garden lights! Illuminate your surroundings using the power of the sun with our collection of solar lights carefully selected for quality, durability, and modern design. Choose our best-selling solar spotlights to light up trees, shrubs, and facades. Wall-mounted solar lights with sensors will guide your path and pleasantly surprise your guests. Solar garden lighting is increasingly sought after due to its eco-friendly power source. Garden solar lights are perfect for creating an outdoor atmosphere. Explore our range and place your order online now.

Solar Lighting Systems

Not long ago, the concept of lighting powered by sunlight seemed like science fiction. Nowadays, solar panels and lights are a familiar sight. Solar lights offer an exciting alternative to traditional electric lighting, harnessing energy from the sun and converting it to electricity. If you recognize the benefits of solar lights and are considering them, you're in the right place – Lightshop.bg's online store. Even if you're simply curious about this type of lighting, we have interesting facts for you. Learn more about solar lights, how they work, and their advantages.

Components of Solar Lights

Solar lights consist of lighting systems that include LED bulbs, solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, and, depending on the model, inverters. They provide lower operational costs thanks to free solar energy. Unlike gas lamps, solar lights have a positive environmental impact.

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How Solar Lights Work

While you might have heard of solar lights, you may have never wondered about how they actually work. The idea seems simple at first – they collect solar energy and emit light. However, a deeper analysis reveals a more intricate process. Solar lights are based on the photovoltaic effect. The main component is the photovoltaic cell, which converts solar light into direct current electricity. This cell is located in the top part of the light. It contains layers of negatively charged electrons and positively charged spaces. When light excites the electrons, they move toward the positively charged spaces, generating electric current. This current charges the battery, storing energy. At night, when the sun sets, the solar cell stops gathering light, activating the light's LEDs. The battery powers the LEDs throughout the night.

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Impact of Weather on Solar Light Operation

Despite their advantages, solar lights face challenges in unfavorable weather conditions like strong winds, rain, and extreme temperatures. Since they rely on sunlight, the quality of nighttime illumination depends on the amount of sunlight during the day. For instance, a fully charged light can shine for up to 15 hours after 8 hours of sunlight. Cloudy weather can reduce the light reaching the solar panel. Prolonged use without sufficient sunlight can decrease the battery charging capacity. Therefore, it's beneficial to position solar lights in areas with maximum sunlight exposure.

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Battery Lifespan in Solar Lights

Like all devices with rechargeable batteries, solar lights go through charging and discharging cycles. Over time, this process leads to battery degradation, eventually rendering them non-functional. The question many people ask is how long solar light batteries last in the long run. The answer isn't straightforward, as battery lifespan depends on various factors, primarily the manufacturing quality. Climatic conditions, charging frequency, sunlight availability, and discharge frequency are among the factors influencing battery longevity. Typically, solar light batteries last at least 2 years, considered a minimal standard. With Lightshop.bg's warranty, you need not worry about your solar light batteries lasting this period – you can be confident in reliable and trouble-free usage of our solar lights.

Solar Light Operation Without Sunlight

A common question arises about whether solar lights can function without direct sunlight. This query might raise doubts for those considering solar light purchase. Let's clarify this topic. The main challenge with solar lights occurs on cloudy days when the sun isn't as bright. However, even during cloudy days, solar lights continue to receive sunlight and charge. Clouds scatter sunlight intensity, but panels still accumulate energy even on overcast days. Yet, when there's no direct sunlight, solar lights operate at lower power and deplete faster. This means the light will be dimmer, and its duration will decrease. It's important to emphasize that even during several cloudy days, solar lights will operate. The problem arises when lights don't receive sufficient charging over a long period, affecting battery life and efficiency.

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 LED Solar Garden lantern FAKLA 0.1W Yellow Light IP44 Battery AAA Ni-mh 1.2V 300mAh Lightex

17.54 лв.

Wattage - 0.1 W / Colour Temperature - 2500 К / Luminous flux - 2 Im / Material - plastic / Dimensions - 100* 580 мм
 LED solar garden light DALI 20W 5000K IP65 480x420xφ60mm Lightex

398.00 лв.

Built-in battery - Lithium-ion (Li-ion) 3.2V 20AH / Wattage - 20W / Colour Temperature - 5000К / Luminous flux - 1700lm / Dimmable - dimmable
 LED solar park fixture FELICE 800 2W 3000K/4000K/6500K 280lm IP55 black Fumagalli

98.00 лв.

Colour Temperature - 3000K – 4000K – 6500K / Material - resin (body) / Dimensions - Diameter: Ø 155mm ; height: 730mm / Colour - black grey white /
 LED solar wall light 3W 6500K 60lm black with sensor IP55 Lightex

11.49 лв.

Wattage - 3 W / Colour Temperature - 6500 К / Dimensions - 100 *125*50 мм / Life Time (hours) - 10000 h / Detection Distance - 3 м
 Solar LED Street Lamp 90W 5000K 4500lm IP65 Battery 3.7V 15AH with Sensor and Remote Lightex

162.00 лв.

Wattage - 90 W / Voltage - соларна батерия 3.7 V / 15 Ah / Colour Temperature - 5000 K / Luminous flux - 4500 lm / Dimensions - 650*235*61 mm
Garden Solar Light SL500 steel 1xLED 0.07W IP44 rechargeable battery ААА 1.2V 40mAh set of 24 Lightex

65.99 лв.

Wattage - 1 x LED 0.07 W / Colour Temperature - 7500 К / Luminous flux - 4 lm / Current - 40 mA / Material - Steel
LED floodlight 15W 6500K 2300lm IP66 with solar panel battery 3.2V/15Ah remote Lightex

103.79 лв.

Wattage - 15W / Voltage - battery 3.2V/15Ah / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Luminous flux - 2300lm / Current - 15Ah
LED floodlight 20W 6500K 3000lm IP66 with solar panel battery 3.2V/20Ah remote Lightex

126.89 лв.

Wattage - 20W / Voltage - battery 3.2V/20Ah / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Luminous flux - 3000lm / Current - 20Ah
LED floodlight 30W 6500K 4200lm IP66 with solar panel battery 3.2V/30Ah remote control Lightex

186.99 лв.

Wattage - 30W / Voltage - battery 3.2V/30Ah / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Luminous flux - 4200lm / Current - 30 Ah
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