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LED High Bay

Application of LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights find application in illuminating various industrial areas, including warehouses, car washes (IP65), industrial facilities, sports complexes, storage spaces, commercial spaces, agricultural environments (with aggressive conditions), and other high-ceilinged premises.

Benefits: Economical illumination, long lifespan, easy installation and maintenance, reliable and straightforward design.

LED High Bay Lights - Illumination with LED Technology

LED high bay lights are lighting fixtures specifically designed for installation at significant heights. They are characterized by an exceptionally even distribution of light, ensuring high visibility in large rooms and spaces. Distinctive to the LED high bay lights from Lightex's range are the integrated LED chips and LED drivers, significantly enhancing their quality and making them suitable for various applications. Not only in the industrial sector, where they play a crucial role in improving working conditions, but also in other contexts. Lightshop.bg offers compact mini LED high bay lights with stylish designs and pleasant illumination, suitable for decoration in domestic settings. In the following lines, you will learn more about the applications of LED high bay lights and their role in respective environments.

LED High Bay Lights - Lighting for Warehouses and Industrial Spaces

LED high bay lights are often the best and sometimes the only solution for illuminating warehouses, manufacturing halls, and similar facilities. Their advantages become particularly evident in high-ceilinged spaces. LED high bay lights with an IP65 protection rating provide resistance to various impacts and are suitable for wet conditions. This makes them suitable for use in different manufacturing processes and tasks. If you need advice regarding the quantity and type of LED high bay lights for your warehouse or industrial space, the Lightex team will provide you with professional insights.

LED High Bay Lights - Illumination in Commercial Establishments

LED high bay lights find application in major retail chains, ensuring excellent visibility both for products on shelves and within the commercial areas. This creates a comfortable shopping experience for customers. For these environments, LED high bay lights with color temperatures above 5500K are recommended. The power of LED high bay lights can be chosen from various options, with their illumination levels reaching up to 26,000 lm.

LED High Bay Lights - Vital Illumination in the Industry

LED high bay lights are widely used in diverse industrial sectors and workplaces. These environments require proper lighting due to the specific nature of the tasks performed. LED high bay lights offer the possibility of mounting at significant heights, a common requirement in industrial settings. They ensure even light distribution and enhance visibility throughout the space, which is crucial for ensuring safety during work.

LED High Bay Lights - Decorative Illumination at Home

Despite their primary use in industrial environments, LED high bay lights can also be utilized for decorative purposes in domestic settings. Lightshop.bg offers compact mini LED high bay lights in various colors, adaptable to room sizes and heights. These LED high bay lights are suitable for adding accents to modern industrial designs of homes, characterized by structures and minimal decorative elements.

LED High Bays - Variety of Models

Why Choose LED High Bays?

LED high bays combine numerous advantages that you will surely appreciate. Some of these advantages are related to energy efficiency and long lifespan, which are characteristic of LED lighting in general, while others pertain specifically to the "High Bays" category. Here are a few key reasons to opt for LED high bays:

Energy-saving - LED high bays are much more economical and efficient compared to traditional high bay lights with metal-halide lamps. This is due to the higher number of lumens emitted by the light at a specific wattage. When combined with LED light sources, LED high bays can reach up to 8000 lm at 100 W, whereas traditional metal-halide lamps with the same wattage can achieve a maximum of 5000 lm. Whether you use LED high bays in industrial facilities, commercial spaces, or homes, they will help reduce your monthly electricity bills.

LED High Bays - At Your Disposal

Long lifespan - This aspect is particularly crucial when installing lighting fixtures at considerable heights. The extended operational life of LED high bays will save you time and effort required for frequent replacements and installations. Traditional light sources require specific equipment, complicating the process of replacement, especially when switching to devices with different power levels.

LED High Bays - Affordable Prices

Provide excellent visibility - Mounted at substantial heights, LED high bays offer uniform illumination throughout the area. In industrial settings, they are a key factor in enhancing visibility and reducing the risk of accidents.

LED High Bays - Environmentally Conscious

Multiple on-off cycles - In industrial environments, lighting often needs to be turned on and off multiple times based on prevailing conditions. LED high bays allow this without disrupting their normal operation. The situation is different for metal-halide lamps, combined with traditional high bay fixtures, which require around 5 minutes to cool down before being relit after disruptions or power interruptions.

High durability - LED high bays with IP65 protection boast high resistance and maintain normal operation even in wet conditions or when subjected to impacts.

LED High Bays - For Office and Home

Environmentally friendly - LED high bays do not emit harmful substances like mercury and lead into the atmosphere, contributing to the preservation of the environment. By choosing LED high bays, you are making a contribution to conserving our planet's ecosystem.

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 LED bay fixture UFO II 100W 5000K 9000lm IP65 Lightex

106.99 лв.

Wattage - 100W / Voltage - 220V - 240V / Luminous flux - 9000 lm / Ra index ≥ - 80 / Beam Angle - 120°
 LED bay fixture UFO PRO 200W 6500K 135lm/W 27000lm IP65 Lightex

272.99 лв.

Wattage - 200 W / Colour Temperature - 6500 K / Luminous flux - 135 lm/W / Life Time (hours) - 50000 h / Warranty - 5 years
 LED high bay UFO II 200W 6500K 18000lm IP65 Lightex

177.00 лв.

Wattage - 200W / Voltage - 220V - 240V / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Degree of protection - IP65 / Warranty - 2 Years
LED high bay UFO II 200W 5000K 18000lm IP65 Lightex

163.99 лв.

Wattage - 200W / Voltage - 220V / Colour Temperature - 5000K / Luminous flux - 18000 lm / Degree of protection - IP65
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