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Ceiling Lights

Why Choose a Ceiling Light as the Main Lighting Fixture in Your Home

In the realm of home lighting, there's an abundance of diverse lighting options, which might lead to confusion if you're not familiar with all of them.

One option worthy of your attention is the ceiling light. This type of lighting fixture may raise questions for those who haven't used it before, prompting us to focus on it. Our blog provides information about the applications of ceiling lights, their advantages, and how to make the right choice.

If you become convinced of the benefits of ceiling lights after reading our material, we welcome you to visit our online store at Lightshop.bg, where you can explore the available variety.

Ceiling Lights - Practical and Efficient Illumination

Ceiling lights are fixtures that mount directly onto the ceiling, characterized by their lack of hanging elements. Their design is usually simplified, with shapes often being circular or elliptical.

It's important to note that the term "ceiling light" is used for fixtures with a single bulb, while those with more than one bulb are referred to as "ceiling fixtures."

Ceiling lights find their most common application in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and other spaces where central lighting is essential.

Comparison with Other Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling lights are a preferred choice for primary lighting, competing with pendants and chandeliers. The differences between these three types of lighting fixtures are significant.

Pendants and chandeliers are suspended lighting devices, whereas ceiling lights are mounted directly onto the ceiling.

The design of ceiling lights is usually simpler compared to pendants and chandeliers, which often boast intricate designs. However, there are also impressive models of ceiling lights available.

Furthermore, pendants and chandeliers have multiple light sources, whereas ceiling lights feature a single source.

Ceiling lights are more affordable due to their focus on effective illumination, rather than solely aesthetics.

In essence, if you're seeking practical, efficient, and functional lighting for your home, ceiling lights are an excellent choice, providing a variety of styles at the same time.

Quality and Affordability of Ceiling Lights: Why They're Your Home's Choice

Ceiling lights offer a range of advantages that make them unique and practical lighting fixtures, especially in narrow and low-ceilinged spaces. Compared to their competitors, ceiling lights elevate their qualities and functionality.

The popularity of ceiling lights is highlighted in cases where height-restricted spaces are concerned. This type of lighting is particularly suitable for low ceilings, where installing hanging fixtures like pendants or chandeliers isn't as easily achievable.

Given that numerous homes in Bulgaria feature low ceilings, it's understandable why ceiling lights are a popular lighting choice.

Moreover, the advantage of ceiling lights lies in their uniform light distribution. They provide well-illuminated areas, which is crucial for the functionality of a room.

If you value maintaining your home and seek easily maintainable lighting, ceiling lights collect less dust compared to hanging fixtures like pendants and chandeliers. This significantly simplifies cleaning upkeep.

Why Choose Ceiling Lights for Your Home?

There are numerous arguments in favor of selecting ceiling lights for your home. Even if you're not aware of them at present, we can offer you a few that might convince you.

Ceiling lights boast a clean design that doesn't clash with the interior of the room. They're preferred by those who value simplicity and practicality.

The quality and even illumination provided by ceiling lights are important for the comfort and functionality of the home environment.

In addition, ceiling lights offer a rich array of designs and styles, guaranteeing you'll find one that suits your taste best.

Last but not least, the price of ceiling lights makes them an accessible lighting option compared to pendants and chandeliers.

How to Choose a Ceiling Light: Useful Tips

Selecting a ceiling light isn't a straightforward task, as it's expected to satisfy visual, functional, and practical requirements over an extended period.

If you're unsure about your choice, seek advice from an interior designer or another professional in the field of furnishings. They can help you select the suitable style and design that harmoniously fits into your environment.

For modern and intelligent lighting, explore ceiling lights with sensor functions. They provide convenience and easy activation without the need for keys.

The product's brand is also an important factor. Established brands like Lightshop.bg are the result of years of research and development, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Ceiling lights are the type of lighting that strikes a balance between quality, functionality, and style. Explore the variety of ceiling lights at Lightshop.bg and make a choice that caters to your needs and preferences.

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 Philips LED ceiling lamp MAUVE 22W 2700K 1000lm IP20 f400mm

76.99 лв.

Wattage - 22 W / Colour Temperature - 2700 К / Luminous flux - 2000 / Material - plastic / Dimensions - Width 404mm Height 105mm
 Philips LED ceiling lamp SHORE CL202 10W 4000K 1100lm IP20 f250mm

24.59 лв.

Wattage - 1100lm / Voltage - 10W / Colour Temperature - 220V -240V / Luminous flux - 4000К / Dimmable - No
Ceiling lamp CELIA 2xE27 white + colorful 380x100mm Lightex

28.00 лв.

Wattage - 2 x 10 W / Base - 2 x E27 / Dimensions - 380 x 100 mm / Warranty - 1 year /
Ceiling lamp DESIRE  Ф300 2xE27  Lightex

26.90 лв.

Power - max 2 х 10 W / Захранващо напрежение - ~230 V / Base - 2 x E27 / Lamp tupe - LED / Dimensions - ⌀300mm
Ceiling lamp IMPERIAL 20/22 1xE27  Lightex

12.80 лв.

Power - max 1 х 10 W / Захранващо напрежение - 220 V / Base - 1 x E27 / Lamp tupe - LED / Dimensions - 200 x 220 mm
Ceiling lamp IMPERIAL 30/30 2xE27  Lightex

13.99 лв.19.10 лв.

Power - max 2 х 10 W / Захранващо напрежение - ~230V / Base - 2 x E27 / Lamp tupe - LED / Dimensions - 30/30 cm
Ceiling lamp IMPERIAL 40/40 2xE27  Lightex

22.99 лв.36.69 лв.

Power - max 2 х 10 W / Захранващо напрежение - 220 V / Base - 2 x E27 / Lamp tupe - LED / Dimensions - 400 x 400 mm
Ceiling lamp IMPERIAL Ф300 2xE27  Lightex

15.89 лв.

Power - max 2 х 10 W / Захранващо напрежение - ~230V / Base - 2 x E27 / Lamp tupe - LED / Dimensions - Ф300 mm
Ceiling lamp IRIS 40/40  2xE27  Lightex

31.10 лв.

Power - max 2 x 10 W / Захранващо напрежение - 220 V / Base - 2 x E27 / Lamp tupe - LED / Dimensions - 400 x 400 mm
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