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Innovative LED projectors hold a significant place in the modern lighting industry, offering countless applications. Their unique light scattering characteristics make them ideal for both uniformly illuminating large industrial areas and accentuating specific details on facades, monuments, and cultural sites. The market offers a wide range of LED projectors in various colors to satisfy every taste and requirement. With convenience, enhanced workplace safety, and an exciting atmosphere during public events, they lead among preferred lighting solutions. The following text will provide more insights into this unique group of lighting products.

Exceptional Features of LED Projectors

Where are LED projectors commonly used?

LED projectors are primarily designed for industrial needs, providing optimal and safe working conditions. However, this is not their only application field. Increasingly, LED projectors are used to improve safety in yards and gardens around homes, as well as to create decorative outdoor accents. In the following paragraphs, we will take a closer look at these applications of LED projectors:

A Wide Range of Applications

In Industry – LED projectors are indispensable for illuminating industrial facilities and work areas. Their capabilities include both uniform illumination of large zones and directing light towards specific points for maximum visibility. For this purpose, they are often used on construction sites where work continues into the night.

Elegant Visual Effects

Outdoors – LED projectors are found in public spaces such as parks, gardens, facades, monuments, and advertising billboards. In addition to improving visibility, they create visual effects that emphasize details and structures.

Enhanced Object Security

At Home – LED projectors have also found their place in the surroundings of modern homes. They provide greater security when returning home at night and create a cozy atmosphere in the garden or yard.

Setting the Mood

For Events and Shows – LED projectors play a crucial role in concerts, theatrical performances, and various events. Placed around the stage, they create numerous color effects and contribute to a unique atmosphere for the audience.

These are just a few of the many possibilities that LED projectors offer. Their versatile applications make them a crucial component of the modern lighting industry.

Using LED Projectors

Who are the user groups that can benefit from the advantages of LED projectors?

When it comes to their usage, LED projectors represent a practical and almost universal solution that impacts the daily lives of almost every user. Workers facing tasks in the dark, people returning home late at night, nature enthusiasts, and camping enthusiasts – all can benefit from the positive impacts of LED projectors. In the following lines, we will try to list some of the main user groups that can take advantage of the numerous benefits of LED projectors.

Night Shift Workers – There are areas where day blends into night, especially when work cannot stop for an extended period. This applies to various industrial activities involving extended shifts and intensive labor. Also, construction sites are an example of places where work often continues late into the night or even overnight to take advantage of suitable atmospheric conditions. In these cases, LED projectors play a crucial role, providing optimal visibility and protecting workers from potential incidents and workplace accidents.

People Returning Home at Night – For those arriving home later at night, the importance of lighting becomes practical. This becomes even more pronounced if there is insufficient street lighting around the house or apartment. Why expose yourself to the risk of stumbling, falling, or injuries? Placing an LED projector with motion sensor near the entrance to your residence can be a much better option. After installation, the LED projector can work reliably for at least 4-5 years, providing reliable lighting and an exceptionally long lifespan.

Nature Enthusiasts – Portable LED projectors are an excellent choice for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and use every moment to enjoy nature. An active lifestyle and camping are already becoming popular options. If you have to spend time outdoors in the late hours of the day or even at night, an LED projector can be extremely useful. Portable models with green and yellow light from Lightshop.bg's catalog offer excellent visibility and the opportunity for outdoor fun with your loved ones and friends. They have adjustable brightness to save energy and can be charged via the car's cigarette lighter.

Advantages and Comfort of LED Projectors

What are the benefits and conveniences of using LED projectors?

Long Lifespan - LED projectors can last up to 20,000 - 30,000 hours of operation. Compared to ordinary halogen projectors with an average operating time of around 1,000 hours, this is a significant difference. By choosing LED projectors, you can ensure several years of continuous operation and forget about frequent light source replacements.

Variety of Beam Angles - Different LED projectors allow users to adjust the angle of light distribution according to their needs and preferences. For example, a beam angle of 80 degrees can be used to emphasize specific architectural details, while an angle of 120 degrees can cover a larger area.

Easy Replacement - LED projectors are significantly easier to replace compared to traditional metal halogen lighting fixtures commonly used for illuminating work areas. They require less specific equipment and provide long-lasting use.

Cost Savings - Using LED projectors helps significantly reduce electricity costs. They are extremely efficient and provide the required illumination with minimal energy consumption.

Safety and Eco-friendliness - Thanks to the used LED technology, the projectors are safe for both people and the environment. LED projectors are a suitable choice for modern consumers who value environmentally-friendly and energy-saving lighting methods.

Solar Power Capability - Some LED projectors can be powered by solar panels. This provides energy efficiency and reduces electricity costs, especially when used outdoors.

Affordable Prices - LED projectors offer an excellent balance between price and quality, providing a long lifespan and energy cost savings.

These are just some of the benefits that LED projectors can provide. With their efficiency, long lifespan, and diverse functionalities, they are a suitable choice for various situations - from industrial settings to residential yards and outdoor spaces.

LED Projectors - Solar Options

Classification and Main Types of LED Projectors

Depending on their functions and characteristics, LED projectors can be divided into several main categories. Each of these groups corresponds to specific user requirements, as well as the specific features of different rooms and spaces. See what types of LED projectors you can choose from:

Classic LED Projectors - This type of LED projectors is the most common and used. They combine the traditional design and installation of halogen projectors with the advantages of LED lighting. These LED projectors can be directly replaced with halogen projectors without the need for changes in the electrical installation. If you plan to use them outdoors, it is recommended to choose products with at least IP65 protection rating. This type of projectors can also come with a stand, providing convenience when installed in industrial areas or workspaces.

LED Projectors with Sensors - This type of LED projectors can have motion sensors or light sensors. The former are activated only when motion is detected at a certain distance, allowing energy savings and illumination as needed. Light sensors activate the projectors when the ambient light decreases. ELMARK offers models that combine both functions for greater efficiency and prolonged operation.

RGB LED Projectors - This type of LED projectors is characterized by remote-controlled operation and LED diodes in red, green, and blue. These diodes can be combined in different ways to create various bright colors. This type of projectors is ideal for restaurants, public events, stages, and architectural landmarks.

Battery-powered LED Projectors - Here, we are talking about LED projectors that operate on batteries. This type allows for autonomous operation for several hours. Charging can be done from both an electrical outlet and a car cigarette lighter. These battery-powered LED projectors are suitable for camping and outdoor activities.

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 LED floodlight CHOCO II 100W adjustable  6000K 11000lm 220V IP65 yellow Lightex

92.00 лв.

Wattage - 100 W / Voltage - 220 V / Colour Temperature - 6000 К / Luminous flux - 11 000 lm / Current - 45 мА
LED floodlight 10W 6000K 1000lm 12V 60D IP65 aluminum Lightex

27.67 лв.

Wattage - 10W / Voltage - 12V / Colour Temperature - 6000К / Luminous flux - 1000 lm / Current - 900 mA
LED floodlight 10W RGB 450/800/300lm 12V 60D IP65 aluminum Lightex

32.54 лв.

Wattage - 10W / Voltage - 12V / Colour Temperature - RGB / Luminous flux - R - 450lm, G - 800lm, B - 300lm / Current - 900 mA
LED floodlight 15W 6500K 2300lm IP66 with solar panel battery 3.2V/15Ah remote Lightex

103.79 лв.

Wattage - 15W / Voltage - battery 3.2V/15Ah / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Luminous flux - 2300lm / Current - 15Ah
LED floodlight 20W 6500K 3000lm IP66 with solar panel battery 3.2V/20Ah remote Lightex

126.89 лв.

Wattage - 20W / Voltage - battery 3.2V/20Ah / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Luminous flux - 3000lm / Current - 20Ah
LED floodlight 30W 6500K 4200lm IP66 with solar panel battery 3.2V/30Ah remote control Lightex

186.99 лв.

Wattage - 30W / Voltage - battery 3.2V/30Ah / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Luminous flux - 4200lm / Current - 30 Ah
LED floodlight black  SLIM 220V 10W IP65 CW 6000K Lightex

6.49 лв.9.90 лв.

LED Type - SMD LED / Wattage - 10 W / Voltage - 200 / 240 V / Colour Temperature - 6000 K / Luminous flux - 630 lm
LED floodlight black  SLIM PREMIUM 220V 10W IP65 with sensor NW 4000K Lightex

24.99 лв.

LED Type - SMD LED / Wattage - 10 W / Voltage - 90 - 265 V / Luminous flux - 550 lm / Ra index ≥ - 85
LED floodlight black HERO 100W 4000K 9000lm 220V IP65 Lightex

42.21 лв.

Wattage - 100W / Voltage - 220V / Colour Temperature - 4000K / Luminous flux - 9000lm / Colour - black
LED floodlight black HERO 100W 6500K 9000lm 220V IP65 Lightex

42.21 лв.

Wattage - 100W / Voltage - 220V / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Luminous flux - 9000lm / Colour - black
LED floodlight black HERO 10W 4000K 900lm 220V IP65 Lightex

7.66 лв.

Wattage - 10W / Voltage - 220V / Colour Temperature - 4000K / Luminous flux - 900lm / Colour - black
LED floodlight black HERO 10W 6500K 900lm 220V IP65 Lightex.

7.66 лв.

Wattage - 10W / Voltage - 220V / Colour Temperature - 6500K / Luminous flux - 900lm / Degree of protection - IP65
LED floodlight black HERO 20W 4000K 1800lm 220V IP65 Lightex

12.10 лв.

Wattage - 20W / Voltage - 220V / Colour Temperature - 4000K / Luminous flux - 1800lm / Colour - black
LED floodlight black HERO 30W 4000K 2700lm 220V IP65 Lightex

16.55 лв.

Wattage - 30W / Voltage - 220V / Colour Temperature - 4000K / Luminous flux - 2700lm / Colour - black
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